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Regarding MInecraft server lists

Isn’t there any sites that’ll let you filter them based on what you DON’T want? Like for example if someone checks the boxes for Hunger Games and Bukkit, it’ll only show server listings that don’t have Hunger Games and Bukkit. The few sites I find that allows you to filter the listings only turn up results for servers that have the things you checked along with other stuff that I don’t want. When I checked the boxes to show results for Survival, PvE, economy, whitelist off, and Bukkit, it’ll bring up results that have any of those along with crap I don’t want. For example, it’d bring up a server that has Survival, PvE, economy, whitelist off, Bukkit, factions, PvP, Hardcore and jail when I just wanted it to have all but the last four items.

Also even if listings aren’t marked as faction servers, they’ll still say that they have it, which defeats the whole purpose of tagging listings.



I’ve only gotten trolls and jackasses who won’t help me. There’s numerous servers out there and the one I want DOES exist, it’s just that I gotta muck through so much shit to find it. :/ I’ll repost my requirements AGAIN with some edits to it. Unfortunately for you guys, nothing’s being removed….

I got everything for you except MCMMO, wonderful community :)

IP Address:

Sorry. I took a look at the site for the rules and stuff and it goes against what I’m looking for. :(

Still looking for a Minecraft server

I’ve only gotten trolls and jackasses who won’t help me. There’s numerous servers out there and the one I want DOES exist, it’s just that I gotta muck through so much shit to find it. :/ I’ll repost my requirements AGAIN with some edits to it. Unfortunately for you guys, nothing’s being removed. If wanting to play on a server with likeminded people makes me an asshole, so be it.

-Absolutely NO factions! (This one’s a dealbreaker) There can’t be any factions whatsoever.
-Plugins: LWC, Dynmap, McMMO, players/mobs enabled for Rei’s Minimap, sign and book colors
-No special crap for donors
-Economy like this with a store to buy and a store to sell. No special shops for staff and donors. Also killed mobs give money as well.
-Server must allow all ages and also allow non-PG talk as well. They can’t be all ages and flip their shit over non-PG things like the Cupcakes fanfic or allow non-PG things but disallow immaturity and whatnot.
-No hardcore mode. Just survival. Multiworlds with a creative one is allowed.
-No jail/Hunger Games/towny servers.
-No strictly RP servers. RP should be allowed but it shouldn’t be the only thing we can do.
-Server should be Nintendo, furry, brony, or Homestuck themed and allow discussion of the other things. (For example, if the server is brony-themed then it should allow discussion of Nintendo, furries, and Homestuck.)
-For Nintendo/brony/Homestuck themed servers, players should be allowed to use “canon” nicknames without getting bitched at. As long as it’s not an offensive nickname like “NazisRule”, “FurriesSuck”, anti-brony/Nintendo, it should be allowed.
-Titles would be great to have and should be easy to get.
-The server must be active. About 10ish players at the least but no more than 60.
-No whitelist
-No restrictions if you don’t join their site/forum
-PVP should be allowed only in designated areas
-No Hamachi
-Uses versions 1.3 through 1.4.7 (because I don’t like the changes to bonemeal in 1.5)
-No teleport limits. That means using /home, /back, /tpa is instant and there’s no cooldown period after using them.
-Mob griefing set to off
-Fire spread set to off
-Allow people to set multiple homes with the /sethome command.
-No special ranks for build rights. The server must be freebuild.

I’m beginning to regret getting my gf into the anime Hale+Goo. It’s in a tropical setting, which she fangasms over due to stupid MLO. Hale looks like the gym leader Marlon to her, and I can’t stand that fucking douchebag gym leader at all. Ah shit, I’ve created a fantard monster here! >_<

Whenever I want to listen to some music on but couldn’t think of anything in particular that I wanted, I’ve tried searching for sites to give me some random genre to listen to. Like always, search engines hate me and never give me what I want. It’d just give me one of those generators that give you the most random crap instead of going through a list of all genres and picking one out. Like for example, instead of something from this list (like Afropop), it’d instead give me something that doesn’t exist (like emo opera. I’m serious) when that’s not what I was looking for. It’s in the same vain as those “Who’s your celebrity soulmate?” generators or whatever that other people use for fun. :| So like usual, when I can’t find something then I’d have to do it myself. Unlike usual, it’s gonna work out. It’s highly primitive but it’s better than the crap Google turns up. I’m gonna put down all the styles from that list I linked to and have it in a numbered list in Wordpad then just go to and have it pick a number from 1 to whatever. I’ll paste the list on here once I’m done.

Ok so I caved in and gave old school RuneScape a try a few weeks ago and it’s alright. I still want the GE back and freaking HATE that people are dumping off unstrung bows and other junk in Varrock’s general store. :| Makes it hard for me to sell off my stuff. I guess I’ll have to train Magic and Runecrafting until I can start using Low Alchemy.

I also wanted to start doing some other quests to level up enough to not die constantly during Demon Slayer (how the hell did I pull that off at lv. 3 on my main?). First I wanna do the quests in one area before going to the next, so I’m gonna do something about that.






A good excuse for a bad pun

And furthermore…

While searching for a background to use for my blog, I can’t find any good 80s-themed backgrounds to use. The few I find that catch my eye that aren’t 80s end up having a shitty watermark on them. :/ Wtf?! I also had this same problem when I wanted to use an 80s background for my Gaia profile and couldn’t find a good one either.

This is fucking ridiculous

Editing themes on here is such a pain in the ass. I just want to change the damned font for the title and body on the Redux theme. It was a hell of a lot easier editing themes on MySpace. I dunno why it has to be so hard on here. :/ Or why other sites like Facebook don’t allow customization.

My Favorite Creepypasta

The only reason why I like it is because it makes a certain someone I know do acrobatic fucking pirouettes. They would be more funny if I wasn’t subjected to the constant rants. Other than that, the following creepypasta is no better than the rest of the retarded shit that’s more popular. (Pasting it as is.)


Mike Lu & Og Lost Episode- ‘Goodbye Mike’

Okay, I personally love Mike Lu & Og. I’ve seen every episode. But the final one got me shivering. It was titled “Goodbye Mike”.

It started with Og working on a huge Microwave. There was a little static and Og had no eyes. Og looked like he was thinking, Mike appeared out of nowhere saying “Whatcha doin’, Og?”. Og looked angry and said “Shut up Mike!” Mike started to cry. Then came another scene with Lu yelling at Wendell. She kept saying in a demonic tone “GO KILL YOURSELF!!!” I laughed at how random the scene was, it went back to the scene with Mike. Og was shoving her into the microwave, Mike was screaming and crying so loud that I had to lower down the volume. Og started up the microwave, Mike was punching and kicking the glass… Then exploded. There was blood all over the place, Og saw Mike’s dead face. He cut it off and wore it like a mask. The screen blacked out and said “THE END” in blood red text. Credits came and the song wasn’t the Extended version of the theme. It was a song called “Goodbye Bye” sang by Margery in a weak voice. At the end of the credits there was a crackling noice and screaming. After the credits, Mike Lu & Og finally had a Cartoon Network Studios logo, it was nothing for 5 seconds, then it just showed Mike screaming and flailing her arms like a puppet!

I turned off the TV. I cannot find that episode anymore. Did Cartoon Network ban it? I will never see it again.